Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bring Home A Happy Furry Friend

As long as I can remember I've had a passion for animals. Whether it's a slimy frog or a cute and cuddly little puppy. I just can't get enough of animals. Animals just melt my heart. I've always wanted a dream job working with animals. It just never seemed to happen in my life. I've owned quit a few puppies in my life time, six to be exact. Currently we have two beautiful Golden Retrievers, a chinchilla named Charlie and four gold fish. At one point we actually had three dogs in our house at the time my little one was born in 2004. Yes, way to many animals with an infant to take care of, but I loved every minute of it. I wish I had the power to save every stray in the world, but of course I know that's impossible. It just breaks my heart to see a homeless animal wondering the streets.  I have to actually fight the need to stop and take it home.  I came across this wonderful place called Petango.com. It's an amazing site where you can search a database for that perfect pet to bring home to your family. All you have to do is search by your zip code and your new found friend could be right down the street from you. All these pets are from reputable shelters across the country. Because these shelters are reputable you can feel safe that these animals are well taken care of and you'll be receiving a happy and healthy friend. If you are looking to adopt a pet stop by this wonderful site. You can even adopt a cat. So stop by Petango.com - Adopt a cat! There are so many sweet animals waiting for you.  If you wanted to get the latest and greatest news from Petango you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



B Boys Mom said...

Animals are fun to have around.

Work From Home Data Entry said...

This site is so cool, love reading all the blog and postings, hope to chat with you soon... :)

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