Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playing In The Dandelions

Just wanted to share a little fun we had the other day. My little one loves Dandelions. Of course she thinks they're flowers. She's amazed that they cover the entire back yard. I just keep thinking we need to get out the weed killer. LOL! Hope you enjoy these. All photos were taken with my Nikon D-80.

Have a great day.



inday_adin said...

Dandelions remind me of my mother-in-law because everytime she sees them, she would always pick them out. She hates having dandelions in the yard. hehehe..

Lovely photos!

Erik said...

I always pick out the dandelions too...however I do it to put them in yummy soups and salads.

Lin said...

Good photos!! Such persistent little buggars, aren't they??

B Boys Mom said...

Have you shown her how to make a necklaces out of them? I loved doing that as a little kid.

Erik said...

How do you make necklaces out of them?