Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walk For Breast Cancer

I think everyone has there own personal story of Cancer. Whether it's breast cancer or another type of cancer. There's always a story to tell and a story to be heard. In 1985 my grandfather passed away from cancer. Then in 2003 my mother In-law lost her battle with cancer and passed away at the age of 59. After losing two people to this terrible disease I started questioning the way I was eating and if I was getting enough exercise. After my little one was born in 2003 we started changing our eating habits and began to exercise more. My little one is allergic to all dairy, eggs and shell fish. It was easy to change our diet because my little one couldn't eat much but vegetables and fruit. My husband also had very high blood pressure at the time. The doctor told him to change his eating habits or he would be on medication very soon. One year after we changed our eating habits and starting eating healthier my hubby's blood pressure was down to normal and no medication was needed. We were so very happy. I've been taking walks every morning to help increase my heart rate. I really enjoying going out to my families lake house and walking around the entire lake. It's such a relaxing walk. I've often thought about walking for breast cancer. I think it's an amazing way to show your support for all your loved ones who are fighting for their life’s or who have passed on. Due to my interest in walking for cancer I came across this amazing site called BeeWell Miles . Once you join this great site you can log your miles with them. For each mile you record on BeeWells Miles, Bumble Bee Foods will donate $.15 cents for each mile you have logged. These proceeds will be spent to help with the emotional support for breast cancer victims. This promotions is valid from 4/1/09-10/31/09. There is so much to do at BeeWells Miles. Of course you can log your miles walked, plus you can talk to health experts, chat with other members who are out to achieve the same health goals as you. You can also chart what foods you have eaten along with the calorie intake. If you want to take the leap into a healthier life style stop by BeeWells Miles. You'll be amazed at what you'll find.


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B Boys Mom said...

I did this one twice. I had to include a picture of me walking. You lucked out. I was going to do this too since I have been walking everyday.