Friday, October 9, 2009

Teaching Our Children Healthy Eating Habits

I don't know about all the other mom's out there, but this mom is always worried about what my five year old consumes. I'm always trying to offer healthy snacks during the day such as fruits and vegetables. It's hard to keep kids on the right eating track. I feel if your child has been eating healthy since birth then they are more likely to eat healthy as an adult. Healthy eating habits are so important. It seems like all my five year old wants to eat these days is junk food. She just doesn't understand how important it is to eat healthy. It use to drive me nuts when my little one was in preschool. The kids would have their morning snack and it would always be junk food. This year in Kindergarten the kids are only allowed to bring in fruits and vegetables to snack on due to the large number of kids with food allergies. One being my daughter. I was so relieved when the teacher told me this at open house. I'm so pleased that my little one is eating more fruits and vegetables lately. It's especially hard to get the kids to eat good during the Halloween season, mom included. All that yummy chocolate just waiting to be munched on. I came across this informative site called Trick Or Treat Me. This site helps teach parents and their kids to eat the right foods and maintain a healthy life style. Plus there is a free coupon for Hershey's chocolate milk and Organic Valley Chocolate milk. There is also a great champagne called Trick Or Treat Me on Twitter going on right this very minute. You can trick or tweet you friends using twitter. For every Tweet on twitter a donation of .10 cents is given to the World Wildlife Fund. How great is that? I'm on my way over to start my trick or tweeting right now. Why don't you stop by and join me.


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