Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh No, The Flu Has Invaded Our House

I was determined this cold season not to bring the flu bug into our home. I went out and bought tons of hand sanitizer and we are constantly washing our hands. Especially if we've been out and about around the public. All these precautions I took just didn't'seem to do the job. I've been battling a cough for about a month, with no fever. Now my 5 year old has a high fever and has a sore throat. I didn't send her to school this morning because the rules are that if your child has a fever they can't come to school. I've been sitting here since 8 am waiting for a nurse to call me back. Sounds like the pediatricians office is just jammed packed with sick kids today. When I called this morning I was on hold forever. I hate to drag her out in the cold if there is nothing the doctor can do for her. So I sit here and wait. I so hate waiting. I'm hoping it's just a regular flu bug and not the H1N1 virus. All this Swine Flu talk has really got my mind wandering.


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