Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Life

This is what a bunny nest looks like. This particular mommy decided to build her nest right under my little girls swing set. See how the mama bunny digs a hole and then covers her babies with bunny fur and grass. That way they stay nice and warm. Check out what we found underneath all that bunny fur. I can't wait for this cute guys to come out of their nest. Then we can hold them. We can't hold them yet because the mother may spell us on the babies and abandon them. Hope you enjoy the pictures of the sweet babies. All pictures were taken with a Nikon D-80.

Bunny Nest

Baby Bunnies

Mama bunny checking on her babies (I know, bad shot,sorry)

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Petula said...

Thanks for sharing the bunnies. They are so cute.

B Boys Mom said...

Oh how cute! How many are there?

Enchie said...

that's so cute! i haven't seen any bunny nest before even baby bunnies.

inday_adin said...

Awe! They are so cute. It reminded me when our dogs found a baby bunnies nest at the farm one time. They were so cute. And we took care of the other one, but of course it died were we felt so guilty. Then we saw another one that we thought our dog hurted the baby bunny and we took it home and took care of it. The bunny survived and when he was getting stronger, we took him back to where we found him first. How sweet!