Sunday, March 1, 2009

The End To A Bright Blue Sunny Day

Photo taken with a Nikon D-80. I liked how this photo turned out, though I didn't notice the darn telephone pole in the picture. So much for living in the country. It was such a beautiful day for the last day of February. Hopefully spring is close by.

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Lin said...

I didn't even notice the pole until you pointed it out! I do that--point out what's wrong with my work, and really, most people don't even notice until you show them. It is a nice photo.

Shinade said...

Grrrrr....don't you just hate that when it happens!

I've done it a hundred times myself. you just get so excited about a great shot and snap.

Then you get home and download it and find a telephone pole. I know...I really do Michelle!!

But, you still have a fantastic shot!!:-)))

Signe said...

I didn't notice the pole, either. It kinda blends in.
Random Tag at my site for you!

Kat said...

I didn't see the pole until you said it. It does look like a beautiful day and I'm hoping spring is on it's way too!

Kaye said...

Great pic even with the pole- which I hadn't noticed!