Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lets Go To The Rodeo!

When I first met my husband he was such a country boy. He never left the house without his cowboy boots and cowboy hat. So, it wasn't surprising that he always enjoyed our visits to our local county fair to enjoy the small town rodeo shows and to view the local farmers live stock. There's always so much action to enjoy. It's always the highlight of the night for our five year old to visit all the cow and pigs. Even mommy enjoys petting a cow or two. We've always wanted to check out the really huge rodeo shows, but have never had a chance. My brother and sister in- law moved to Houston about six years ago and recently got a chance to visit the Houston Rodeo and just fell in love with all the festivities. They told me that there were so many great activities for the kids to participate in. Plus, they just loved the rodeo show. Not only can you visit the rodeo and the live stock, but you can also buy  tickets to concerts at the Houston Rodeo. How awesome is that? My brother and sister in-law told me that they only paid $21.00 per ticket and had great seats for the rodeo show. What a great price to pay to have a day out with the family filled with loads of fun. My husband and I have been planning a trip to Houston to visit my brother and his family. A trip that I'm really looking forward too. I'd really like to stop for a visit at the Houston rodeo and make it a family event for the day.

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B Boys Mom said...

Sounds like it would be fun.