Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This Old House

As I enter I can still smell those familiar and comforting smells of my childhood. I can still see my grandma cooking at the stove and my grandpa sitting at the kitchen table reading his morning news. I can still see clear as day the memories of yesterday. All those Christmas dinners shared with family and friends. The Easter holidays chasing those bright colored eggs that my grandfather hid so carefully. All my wonderful memories come rushing in like a tidal wave as I enter this old house. These memories seem like a life time ago, yet it feels like yesterday.

I can still hear the laughter and joy this old house contained so many years ago. I look at a crack in the wall, look in a closet, a drawer, and remember yet another happy memory. It's amazing how an old house can become such an emotional attachment.

As I walk around on the old hardwood floors and I listen to them crack and I realize that I grew up in this house. I can still see and feel my grandparents and their smiles,love and kindness floating through the rooms and seeping out from the walls, even though they have long passed. I feel safe and loved in this house. It makes my heart ache to know it's time to let it go, but it is time.

This happy home has been empty for so many years now. It's time for this place to be called home again and to love another. It's time for these rooms to be filled with love, laughter, and warmth again. This old house deserves a new family to love it. It makes my heart ache to know it's time. I feel safe and loved in this place, but it is time.

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B Boys Mom said...

Did you get everything done over there that you wanted to the other day? I know the feeling you have I still get it when I go to my mom's house and we have a renter living there.