Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Horse And Wagon Holiday Walk. What A Great Way To Spread The Holiday Cheer!

Saturday we attended this most amazing Christmas party that our friend was having.  The activities included a 4 mile walk around the neighborhood by way of horse and wagon singing along to Christmas carols.  The purpose of this walk was not only to celebrate the holiday season, but to also accept donations for the local animal shelter.  What a great cause!  If you visit here often then you'll know what a huge animal lover I am.  To set the mood for our walk it began to gently snow, which just made everything perfect that day.  After our wonderful trip we were greeted with yummy Christmas foods to munch on and hot apple cider.  It sure hit the spot!  All in all it was a great day. 

Our Chauffeur for the day.

Our little gal riding her first horse.  No more pony's for her.  This cute guy was the biggest horse of the bunch.

Another sweet smile for mommy.  The horse even posed for the picture this time.

Look at that sweet horse.  Don't you just love those reindeer antlers?

The walkers and the riders.

More Walking.  I just wanted to show how long the line was. 

More and More walking.

Yup, there I am to the left of the horse.  I'm about to freak out because they just put my baby on this huge animal.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I hope you and yours have a happy holiday season.

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