Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things In My Life That I'm Thankful For

Isn't it amazing how fast the holiday's sneak up on us every year? For me, it doesn't seem that long ago that summer was here and we were enjoying warm summer days filled with the sweet smell of flowers. But the fact remains that Thanksgiving is only a little over two weeks away. Seems to me lately that all I hear coming out of peoples mouths is complaints. Yes, I know times are hard with everyone around the globe, but shouldn't we just stop and think about all the wonderful things we have to be thankful for in this life?  Lets all try and put a positive spin on our outlook on things.  Things could always be worse. Right? My philosophy is to try and wake up each morning and think of one thing that I'm thankful for. It works for me and I appreciate life so much more. In honor of the upcoming holiday we should all stop and give thanks for all that is good in our life's. Last year at this time I shared a few things that I'm thankful for on my other blog My Crazy Life With A Toddler. This year I'd like to share it on this blog with all of you. I want to send warm Thanksgiving wishes out to all of my blogging buddies this year. I hope each and everyone of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday spending time with family and friends.

In my eyes the Thanksgiving holiday is a time for everyone to reflect and give thanks for all the beautiful and wonderful things in their life's, no matter how small.

These are a few things in my life that I'm so grateful for.

My amazing, strong, brilliant, intelligent mother. Who has taught me how to find the strength within myself, when I thought there was no strength to be found. To see the beauty in others as well as the world. Thanks mom!

 I'm thankful to have been blessed with a wonderful sister. She has taught me the virtue of patience, love and the never ending bond that sisters hold close to their hearts. Thanks sis!

I'm thankful to have been born into such a loving family that has such never ending tight bonds.

I'm thankful for my husbands never ending strength, support and loyalty to me and my daughter.

I'm thankful that I have a roof over my head on the days when it rains and snows.

I'm thankful that my husband still has a job to pay the bills and put food on the table. Especially when so many others have so much less.

I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to a good education. It's given me the intelligence and experience to survive in this world.

I'm thankful to have had such wonderful grandparents, who always supported me in what ever I did in life. They have all passed on now and I miss them every day.

 I'm thankful for all my friends that I have today and for the ones that have moved on. They have taught me so much in this life.

As silly as it may sound, I'm thankful for my two year old vehicle. I hated the years of driving junkers and getting stranded every few miles.

I'm thankful for all the pets that have come and gone in my life. They have offered me their unconditional friendship and love. It has taught me the importance of love and patience.

 I'm thankful for my health. I truly believe if you don't have your health you've lost everything.

I'm thankful for all the experiences in my life, both good and bad. These experiences have molded me into the person I am today and I'm happy with that person.

Remember to give thanks for all the great things in your life. No matter how small.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



B Boys Mom said...

What a wonderful list. I have to say the biggest thing I'm thankful for each day is my health and my families health. If you don't feel good nothing else seems to matter. Have a wonderful Wednesday and a great Thanksgiving.

Lin said...

I hate that we have a tendency to go from wacky Halloween straight into Christmas and all that is retail oriented. What happened to Thanksgiving??!

Nice post today--I like what you have listed. I need to post mine too.

Ms. Marie said...

Hello! An award is waiting for you on my blog: Congrats! ♥

Nerisa Eric said...

interesting one