Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Finally Found My Long Lost Friend

Have you ever heard of MyLife? I stumbled across this fun site and now I'm fascinated with it. MyLife is a people search site. If you're looking for those people that you've lost touch with over the years such as that lost love, military friends, high school friends, work friends or even a mentor that you have fond memories of, then MyLife is the place for you. I'm the kind of person who is just plain nosy and just curious what people look like these days and what they're up to in their life's. I've been searching for years for my childhood best friend. We met each other in middle school at the young age of thirteen. We were always close, even when she moved out of state for several years. We lost touch way back in 1994. We had a silly falling out and I regret that falling out till this day. To be honest that falling out just broke my heart. So, when I came across Mylife I couldn't wait to get started on my search for my long lost friend. I did a people search for her on Mylife and low and behold there she was. I've tried other people search sites and I've never had this type of success. I was so excited to have found her after all these years. It looks like she still lives in the same area that she did way back in 1994. Now I just need to get up enough nerve to give her a jingle on the phone.


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