Sunday, May 17, 2009

The New Phatband Internet Speed

The hubby and I are always looking for a better and faster Internet speed. We currently have DSL through our current provider. It's the fastest speed that they have to offer, but it's just not fast enough for us. I do a lot of blogging and work with lots of multimedia. The hubby plays tons of video games online. All the above require a fast Internet connections. So you can see why we are still looking for a faster speed. I recently came across a new speed called Phatband. It's so fast that people are saying that DSL is the new dial-up. Wow, that's got to be fast. This new super faster speed is offered through Charter. There is so much more you can do with a fast Internet connection. For example you can use it for gaming, movies and telecommuting with mega-files. With this new speed you can down load games patches at warp speeds and there is virtually no lag time while you are gaming. If you're a huge gamer like my husband and I, then you know how irritating it is when your game slows to a crawl. Currently Phatband is only available in St. Louis, but will be released in other areas of the country through the 2009 calendar year. For more information stop by the Ultra60 Information Page.
If your a twitter member then you can also stop by Charter’s Twitter Feed. I'm really excited about this fantastic news. I can guarantee you that once this new Phatband internet speed comes to my area I'm signing up as soon as possible.



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Oh I saw this post but didn't have time to do another one. Maybe I'll have time later. Good post.